Hotel Industry: Consultancy Report Essay example

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Course Title: International Business Management
Module Name: Foundations of Business
Title of the Assignment: Bampton Manor Hotel: Consultancy Report Part 2
Module Leader: Dr. Young – Joon Seo
Seminar Leader: Nigel Bryant
Student name: Alexa Wilson
Student number: 14054386
Word Count: 2000 words

This report is on the Bampton Manor Hotel, an upscale boutique hotel and restaurant in Oxfordshire. The aim of the report is to provide an outline of the internal analysis of the business, in addition to proposing strategy and how it can be implemented.

Internal Analysis
Marketing Issues
Marketing is the cornerstone of every business, so much so that without strong marketing a brilliant product or idea will fail. The Bampton Manor has the potential to be a fantastic hotel, but at the moment it lacks both strong marketing and more importantly a specific target market; additionally, the hotel doesn’t have a strong online presence in terms of social media. Seeing as marketing has all the power to turn this business around, there needs to be more emphasis on the matter. Marketing has a clear framework known as the 4P’s, product, price, place, and promotion. This model can be used to expand the company and reach a particular target market. The marketing mix, aka the 4P’s is a good place to start in order to understand each element of successful marketing that in turn will help the business grow. What marketing does that no other function of a business has the capacity to do is bring brand awareness and name recognition. When dealing with marketing, it’s important to ask oneself a few questions such as: Where do buyers look for the product or service your selling? What is the value of the product or service to the buyer? Where and when can the marketing message get across to the desired market? And, What does the customer want from the product/service? What needs does it satisfy? All of these questions bring the business one step closer to understanding the target market and what they want. If Jane asks herself all these questions when working on the marketing for the hotel and really hones in on figuring out who exactly the target market is, she will be utilizing successful marketing techniques, which will inevitably lead to a favorable outcome.

Human Resource Issues
Human resource plays a critical role in keeping businesses productive, fostering development amongst employees, and building a strong work culture. Unfortunately, Bampton is more than lacking in the human resource department. The hotel has one qualified member of staff and that’s Jill. Additionally, there isn’t one person specifically in charge of HR, which means there is no one to delegate roles. This is a serious issue, especially in a hotel business, where an accomplished and competent team of staff is expected to deliver the highest level of service to guests; someone most definitely needs to have an overall say on staff and the work environment. According to Philip C. Wright, Gary D. Geroy, and Maura Macphee, “ human resources acts as a control system that ensures acculturation of the ogranisations members and directs their behavior toward the accomplishment of organizational mission and objectives” (Wright, Geroy, Machpee 2000). Having a human resources department or someone in charge of HR enables each employee to be aware of their job description that states the basic purpose of there position and sets out the key area of responsibility which their job carries. Human resource management is critical in the hotel industry, which is a “labor intensive service industry depending on the social and technical skills of its personnel, their ingenuity and hard work, their commitment and attitude for its success,” (Gabriel 1988). Its essential that Bampton recruit the most qualified and committed staff it can find.

Operations Issues
“ The principle of centrality is that operations are the central function and focus