Hotel Rwanda Essay examples

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September 21, 2014

Hotel Rwanda Responses:
1. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a good code of laws; it is a standard that all human beings should abide by. It reasons human dignity and worth above all things. The articles list and detail all the injustices that a human should be exempt from and promotes all around well being of our fellow man. The very basis of the Declaration of Human Rights is mirroring that of our own countries Declaration of Independence, which gives me a sense of familiarity with its laws.
Articles one through three of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights stand out most to me because they give every reader the instant moral conduct that any reader should obtain. They clearly convey that everyone is made equal and should be as equals. The articles demonstrate that we all should be born free and deserve dignity and basic rights and protections. It also reminds me of my own faith and beliefs and the struggle man has taken through history when at war with itself.

2. Media affects me in many different ways. From the daily news to what songs I want to listen to. The media influences everything I do by giving me an insight into what is “popular” or happening right now. The media informs me of what is happening in my neighborhood, to nation crisis, and what happens around the world. The media also allows me to take in what is more than in front of my own eyes and gives me perspective.

3. When I read a story it usually has a specific reaction to it. When reading a local story, I sometimes feel proud or repulsed by what is occurring in my own backyard. However when I read of things further away or around the world I feel a detachment of the goings on because I lack the ability to see how it affects me. While I feel this detachment, it doesn’t stop me from empathizing or even desiring to help.

4. When it comes to my favorite shows, I may sometimes share my interests with my friends and family. However, if it is of crisis or serious matter, I may not feel a desire to share that knowledge because to share bad news just doesn’t feel right. When I watch the news with my friends or family, we might watch with smiles or distain. No matter what though, conversation always seems to flow.

5. I personally feel that the media has near no responsibility to report situations of injustice but rather to take it upon them to share the common interests. While most media will report on what is popular, so few report all the facts and truth. I believe the media should report such injustices but not only those that make it to pop headlines. I feel all injustices should be seen as common interests.

Local Article: National Article:
6a. This article shows a grave insult to human dignity. What these high school students did to their fellow classmate is appalling and should be held with the most serious regard. Not only did they commit a horrendous act of assault but compounded the depravity by targeting a classmate with a learning disability. Human rights are to be shared by all regardless of age, gender, race or disability.
6b. This article shows a scary threat to human rights. ISIS does not have the right to take a man’s free will, hold him or cause his harm or death. While their goal to exact their terrorist’s plots may seem righteous to them, it is truly a sin against their fellow man. The increased acts of