Hotel Rwanda Ethical Analysis

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Adam Rabboh
Prof. Alsbrook-Jackson
CT: 101 Critical Thinking in a Diverse World
30 November 2016
Hotel Rwanda
Hotel Rwanda is a movie that highlights some of the worst atrocities the world has and will ever see. Based on the genocide in Rwanda in 1994, this movie shows how disgruntled Hutu extremists mass murdered the minority Tutsi population. One brave Hutu named Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager, helped save the lives of his family, staff and hundreds of refugees. Paul Rusesabagina is considered safe as he is a Hutu man but he does not support the Hutu rebellion and violence against the Tutsis. Paul repeatedly bribes officers, rebels and Hutu men with money, jewelry, and alcohol to avoid problems with the Tutsi people in his hotel. Though in the majority of circumstances lying,
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In certain situations in our lives, we might be required to violate our code of morals and ethics in order to advance from the predicaments we face. What constitutes our ethics is determined by our society or our cultural norms. What justifies moral behavior is up to the individual to decide based on his or her own reasoning of right and wrong. There are no written guidelines of the proper morals and ethics we should all face. Based on the situation that is presented, the morals and ethics of an individual can be justified in different ways.
The Rwandan Genocide was a horrible event that will forever plague our human history. The movie Hotel Rwanda highlights some of the devastation that occurred and how one brave man risked his life to save the lives of hundreds of others. Though lying, stealing and deceiving is both morally and ethically wrong, Paul Rusesabagina was justified in breaking these unwritten rules as the lives of hundreds of others depended on it. The violation of certain morals and ethics should be judged on the situation that is presented and should not be based on strict