Hotel and Restaurant Industry in Turkish Economy Essay

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1. INTRODUCTION 2. Tourism Impact on National Economy 3. Impacts of Hotel and Restaurant Industry on National Economy 4. Hotel and Restaurant Industry
4.1. Hotel Industry
4.2. Historical Background of Hotel Industry
4.3. Investments in Hotel Industry in Turkey
4.4. Evaluation of Hotel Industry
4.5. Restaurant Industry
4.6. Historical Background of Restaurant Industry
4.7. Investments in Restaurant Industry in Turkey 5. S.W.O.T Analysis for Hotel and Restaurant Industry 6. CONCLUSION 7. REFERENCES

1. Introduction

The aim of this research is to provide information about Hotels and Restaurants on tourism industry as well as its contribution to
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Table 3 : Local Hotel Companies in Turkey
Source : Colliers International Turkey

5.2. Historical Background of Hotel Industry

On a historical basis, hotels have taken many forms other than its accomodating alternatives like serving as business exchanges, focal for social activities, decoratic showcases, vacation destinations and also permanent residences.
In Turkey, international hotel chains entered the market in 1955 with the opening of Harbiye Hilton Hotel. Thus, several investments on local and few international hotels have been established between 1955 and 1985 by many companies. Also, the incentives which were provided for tourism investments and land allocations during 1985 has vital contributions for these investments. With entrance of these hotels into Turkish market, it has gained speed rapidly.
Today, it is possible to see the greatest hotel chains in Turkish market and they are also competing with each other. Many hotel companies which serve as boutique hotel operators, are thinking of Turkey as an appropriate market and seeking advantage to establish projects in Turkey.

5.3. Investments in Hotel Industry in Turkey

Due to its economic