Essay about Hound And Humanity

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Tanner Groff
Mr. Garza
29 April 2014
The Hound’s Way A hound is and always will be known as being man’s best friend. Why is this? This is because of the companionship and love that is between a dog and its owner. In the book Fahrenheit 451 written by Ray Bradbury there is a hound, a mechanical hound, which is used by people to do their bidding. The hound is still the friend of people, but for a different reason now. The mechanical hound in the book Fahrenheit 451 reflects society through its useless killing and for not thinking for it self. The mechanical hound in Fahrenheit 451 reflects the society in this time because it does not care about life. The mechanical hound does what the people program it to do. The firemen would “let loose rats” and see which ones the “hound would seize first” (Bradbury 25). The hound is killing rats and other animals; not caring about how much life is worth. People in this society don’t value life because they know that the doctors will just fix what they have done to themselves. One day Mildred consumed a “crystal bottle of sleeping tablets … [which] had been filled with thirty capsules” (Bradbury 13). The doctors who cured Mildred told Montag that they get “nine or ten of these cases a night” showing theat people do not fear death or value life (Bradbury 15). People overdose in this time because they do not value any life as much as people should. Even though they only have one life, one chance to do something great, the people of this time do not value themselves as much as they need to. The hound reflects this part of civilization in this part because the hound has no value for life, just like the people who are trying to kill themselves. Society is reflected through the mechanical hound in Fahrenheit 451 by nothing for itself. The