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Jaewon Song
10 October, 2014
Ap Language and Composition
Mrs. Wallach As one ventures into the residence of the Song’s, he or she enters a spacious, almost ominous home. The outside was a mess with titanic sums of foliage laying as if they were one with the rocks, while the inside looks unique in a Korean fashion way. The brown one by one tiles lead the way as the cream-washed door opens welcoming anyone who chances to enter the household. The home has three corridors to choose from that each have a story attached to them. Through the left corridor, one enters the Room of Enlightenment where the Buddha stares blatantly, waiting for someone to pray for a fortune. As another zooms into the right corridor, a fish tank filled with the most exotic Cichlids from around the world entice the individual to go on further to the kitchen. Finally the middle corridor reaches the most amazing music room filled making any music lover shed a tear in delight. This room is where the youngest member of the Song family has played his greatest pieces and also where he composed his most fabulous works. Works from Yiruma, Beethoven , and other composers can be heard perfectly pitched throughout the home daily during irregular times. When one enters the music room, a shade of brown carpet welcomes whoever enters. When inside a plethora amount of colors illuminate the otherwise apocalyptic house. The walls stand out with the color of a glossy-like peach. The usual paint chips are covered with pictures of diverse times and certain moments. The room has a modern twist in the way of design with two comforting chairs with the color of velvet ,lashed with the shape of diamonds, waiting to be sat on while one is accompanied by music of different eras. A lengthy table for feasting lays near the piano as if one were expecting a show to occur while dining. Behind the table lies a titanic double-sided mirror copying every move one does, while near it are two windows to enjoy a breath-taking view as well as the peacock collage and flower pieces while either dining or listening to music. The room is very cozy, making anyone who walks by want to seat themselves in the room that brightens the darkness that engulfs the home. In the kitchen, there lay four contrasting burners underneath the microwave getting more worn out every time they are used. The wooden cupboards show a homey-like scenario as one passes by. Pots and pans are scattered everywhere making people wonder what happens inside this chaotic yet peaceful environment. Near the kitchen are stacks of photos hidden in a nearby cupboard waiting to be observed. They portray the elated moments the family has encountered and also the memorable times. The house was never chaotic until both the children went off to Highschool. The home turn less chaotic by the years as the oldest left for college leaving the parents to tend