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Robert: You are very funny; you have me laughing in art class. 
Daniel: Well we have fun in geometry class. You’re a chill guy.
Eric: Well you get me and jasmin mix up lol but you make me laugh and I have known you since 9th grade and so far you’re chill and fun to be around.
Karina: Well girl I’ve known you since 8th grade and we have lots of memories you’re awesome. Love you 
John: Well I’m your favorite person right now ha we have lots of fun in advisory and you keep me laughing every day. I know I’m your favorite person lol I know!!!
Irene: Well nene I love you. My gorgeous girl you’re awesome and in art class we have had cries and laughter together but you always have a smile rather than that! You’re awesome!!
Armando: Well first day I met you; you were awesome and still are your chill and funny.
Alfonso: Well we have lots of memories in 9th grade and now Mr. Football guy we have gotten even closer than last year I’m glad!
Anastasia: Well you make me laugh: D
Ramiro: Well best friend you have seen me cry and laugh. I’m glad you have been there for me!! I’m glad you’re one of those favorite people in my life! Thanks for everything and cheering me up for those sad moments I’ve had!
Michael: Well we have been getting closer now and I’m glad because I have lots of fun with you!
Alexis: Well you make me laugh and you’re a person that knows how to have fun and smile!
Mayra: Well one thing for sure I love your “broccoli” since cheer we have gotten way closer