House of Representatives Essay

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In the early years of the United States the country was vastly growing, as were the opinions and concerns of the people. The two groups of people who disagreed with each other were known as the Antifederalists and the Federalists. When it came to the House of Representatives, the two groups shared different opinions. The greatest difference in opinion was the number of representatives. The Antifederalists shared many concerns about how the House of Representatives would fairly represent the people. The Antifederalists were scared that a small number of representatives would be unsafe for the public interest and did not think such a small number should have so much power. With such a small number of representatives, the Antifederalists assumed the representatives would only aim towards the good of the class of people they were from, rather than the whole. The Anitfederalists had many small concerns but the greatest was that the disproportionate of representatives to the people would only continue to grow. As the population would grow, the representatives would represent even greater numbers of people. The Antifederalists did not think they would have true knowledge or concern for the great number of people they represented. The peoples’ voice of liberty would become smaller and smaller. The Federalists, on the other hand, believed that a certain number should be picked and kept as the total number of representatives. The Federalists were concerned that as the number of people would grow so would the number of representatives. Soon there would be hundreds and over the years even thousands of representatives. The Federalists were clear that this would not protect the liberty of the people, it would only cause confusion and nothing would ever be accomplished with so many representatives. The Federalists believed a number should be set to obtain and carry out order for generations to come. The number, which the Federalists presented, was sixty-five. This number would be divided up between the states. The