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House of Spirits
Chapter 13 – The Terror
The military coup is about to start and the president realizing the even calls his closest friends like Jaime. The military kills the president and takes Jaime hostage, understanding his family authority they give him an option to change his political views but Jaime refuses and is killed. During this time Esteban is celebrating his victory unknowing of his son’s death. During this time Pedro comes to the house and asks Blanca to hide him from the military. This help engages their love once again but with time Pedro starts going insane. Stores are packed with merchandise but the prices are very high, the middle class are suffering and poor are getting poorer, and the rich getting richer. The military is becoming fascist and oppressing the people. At this time Esteban takes control of Tres Marias and kicks all the villagers out and burns it to the ground, he feels guilty of his actions but no one accepts his apology. Alba is conducting charity work feeding the poor and helping them escape. The very famous poet dies but the large gathering is quickly dispersed by the military. Blanca admits to Esteban that she had been hiding Pedro so Esteban calls an old friend for help. This is when the lovers Blanca and Pedro decide to live together and with the help of the embassy flee to Canada. Alba and Miguel meet often and she shows him where she and Jaime hid Esteban’s weapons. Alba trying to help Miguel sells possessions but is stopped when she is about to sell a portrait of Clara, and Esteban who is rather rich gives her a back account where she can spend as much as she wants. One day the military arrest Alba and torture her and the leader of this division is Colonel Esteban Garcia.
In this chapter we see the president being killed by the coup d’état after his speech, and so are his supporters like Jaime. This represents the fall of Marxist views which were shown through the socialist party and the rise of a dictatorship which is presented through the conservative party. I also find it ironic that in the “day of the coup the sun was shining” (366). This is ironic as it represented a beautiful day for the country but it was ruined by the violent bloodshed and rise of fascism that followed later in the day. The theme of grotesque violence and revenge is brought back in this chapter when Jaime is killed very violently. It is also ironic that in the dawn of Esteban’s victory Jaime is being tortured with cruelty, but it also reveals the theme of class as Jaime unlike others is offered to renounce his statement because of his social class. This shows that those with social power are given more opportunities even during time of chaos, but by refusing the second chance and remaining stubborn Jaime is killed. Also the theme of hereditary revenge is present as Esteban Garcia takes revenge on Esteban for sleeping with his mother (Pancha) and giving birth to him, he unknowingly has great hate towards Alba but also lust and he takes revenge on the Treuba’s by capturing her and fulfilling his desires. However despite being in control he does not want Alba to know that it is him that is causing her all this pain, it shows hesitation and fear which are unexplained. It is also shown that despite his abusive and violent behaviour with Alba he does not want her to die, he has an addiction to her.
In this chapter, it is ironic that despite being one of the leading roles in the conservative party and winning power, Esteban is unable to save his son Jaime from death. This shows that despite winning power he has lost everything, which brings back the theme of Spirituality as a higher power. This is because in the previous chapter the Mora sisters warned him of this outcome but by refusing their advice he is portrayed as a limited human being and those with spiritual powers are able to predict the future giving them a higher power. His only source of power was money and that materialistic view led to his