House On Mango Street Gender Roles

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HOMS Essay Gender is like freedom and jail in House On Mango Street. This novel is based off of older times when gender roles were mixed up, and one young girl Esperanza figures that out the hard way. In House On Mango Street, author Sandra Cisneros illustrates the idea that gender roles can alter people's lives; this becomes clear to readers when women like Marin,Rafaela and Esperanza were subjected to such harsh treatment in their childhood.

Women in HOMS, were classed as “lesser” and more of the “caretakers” of the house and more submissive. In the start of this novel Esperanza says, “Marin is older in many ways,” (27). Marin has to stay in the house all day to take care of the kids because her father is working. The only time she can sit on the patio is when her aunt comes home. It correlates to the idea that women were classed as “caretakers.” During the middle of this book Esperanza expresses with disgust, “he grabs my face with both hands and kisses me hard on the mouth and does not let go,” (55). Esperanza had just gotten her new job, and her boss asked if he could have a kiss she thought he was innocent so she was going to kiss his cheeks but instead got his mouth. This is a prime example of women in this vignette “The First Job” getting taken advantage of because of their race, and sexuallity. These 2 quotes support
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Women in House On Mango Street we treated as lesser individuals and taken advantage of because of that reason. Gender in life can alter people’s roles in everyday life and a young girl named Esperanza realized that and did not want to be like Marin and Rafaela. She wanted to be her own person with her own house and her own stuff, not having to rely on others, but only to rely on