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The Focus Breakfast

If you’re a student and anything like me, you probably feel relatively weak and useless when you wake up in the morning after managing to crawl out of your bed. This feeling of weakness probably has to do with low blood sugar levels, because the last time you ate was probably at dinner around 7 o’clock the previous day. One other problem I know many people have is the lack of focus and alertness during morning and even afternoon classes. From my experience, the cure to this awful feeling and the lack of focus in the morning is a solid breakfast eaten right away.

What I mean by a solid breakfast is that your breakfast is nutritious as well as filling for your stomach. I started to experiment with what kind of breakfasts would allow me to be alert in the mornings and focus better in class because I knew focusing in class in high school was a weak point of mine. I wanted to find some kind of morning meal that would bring out the best of my abilities when I wanted it to count. Fortunately, with McMaster’s meal plan, there were many options for me to explore, from toast and muffins to bacon and pancakes. After a week or two of trial-and-error, I had found the optimal breakfast for focus and alertness in the mornings.

The best breakfast for focus and alertness in the mornings for me is the Western Omelet Wrap with a fruit juice. This was a meal I never had, not even once during my high school career, and I regret it. The recipe for this can be viewed HERE.

This is a nutritional, yet filling breakfast that tastes amazing and gives an added boost to my focus and alertness in the mornings. I implore you to try this breakfast…