House Slave Essay

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Loreli Litney
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Field Slave Slavery was very common in early America. If I were a slave and and had to decide between being a house slave or a field slave, I would choose to be a field slave.. Field slaves labored in the plantation fields planting, taking care of, and harvesting crops including tobacco, cotton, corn, and sugar. They generally had more privacy, sometimes were allowed to grow their own food, and usually only had to work from dawn until dusk. Even though life for a field slave was hard, it was better than a house slave. Field slaves had cabins where they slept with their families. Their masters sometimes let the field slaves grow a small vegetable garden. They had more privacy than house slaves because they lived by themselves away from the master’s house.
House slaves had to always be on alert if the master’s family had any needs to be fulfilled. Female house slaves were also more likely to be raped by their master or his sons. House slaves were separated from their families, because they would be working for the master without any breaks twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. They lived in the master’s home and were available any time. They slaves who worked in the fields had better meals because they cooked their own food. They were given cornmeal and salt pork from their master. Field slaves usually had

gardens where they could grow their own vegetables. When field slaves grew vegetables, it gave them…