Household Trash (Classification Essay)

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Household Trash: Where does it go?
The average person in Hawaii generates 4.5 pounds of trash everyday which equals 1.5 tons of waste yearly (Recycling statistics and facts). Trash is categorized into treasures, slop, landfill, and recycle.
One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Each year I decide to get rid of objects in my house such as old pots and pans, sheets and towels, chipped dishes and personal items, and mostly clothes that no longer fit me or are outdated. The majority of time the trash gets donated to needy families, Molokai Opportunity Center, and they sold in a garage sale. Trash becomes treasures.
Man’s leftovers turn into gourmet meals for animals called slop. Cooked food is still good to eat unless it’s been in the refrigerator for more than three days or when mold starts growing. I also pay attention to the expiration dates. For example, I had a tray of steak that I forgot and it expired a week before I fed it to my dogs. They refused to eat it, even though the dogs love meat. Dogs know more than humans. My dogs eat almost anything including chocolate cake and chicken bones in the slop. Paying attention to the expiration dates gives me an idea what they would eat or not. Dogs enjoy man’s leftovers.
The landfill is trash’s last resting place. All trash goes to a landfill someday. Food, plastic, ruined apparel, and objects that are broken are all taken to the landfill. Eventually the trash is buried. Landfills are the archaeological site of