Housing In Melbourne Essay

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Executive Summary

The major aim of the report is to establish the prevailing housing development market in Melbourne CBD for a foreign firm that wants to get into the Melbourne housing development industry. In order to obtain information regarding the prevailing business environment in Melbourne, data was collected through the use of questionnaires. The results points out that the prevailing housing development market is highly lucrative and conducive for the entry of the firm. the report concludes by pointing that there are numerous factors that makes Melbourne CBD to be one of the best places where the firm can get into. The report therefore recommends the firm to get into the Melbourne CBD housing development market.

Research Purpose and Objectives
The aim of this research is to explore the prevailing housing business environment within Melbourne. The research details why the housing development industry is highly profitable, as well as some of the various risks which are posed to the individuals and businesses investing in the CBD of Melbourne. Additionally, the research explores some of the practises that can be employed by businesses wishing to get into the housing industry in Melbourne.

Objectives of the research The research’s general is to explore the prevailing housing development business environment in Melbourne in terms of its viability.
The research’s specific objective include
i. To establish the viability of the housing business environment in Melbourne ii. To identify the various risks posed to the housing development industry in Melbourne iii. To identify the strategies and practises that can be employed by housing developers in order to enhance their profitability in the housing industry

Research Methodology
This part offers the methodology employed by the report. It provides the strategies, approaches, as well as the concepts that have been employed in order to fulfil the research objectives and aims. The approach employed is regarded highly because it has been applied widely within the past in the other researches. The procedures, as well as the processes that are applied are well known and recognised because of their highly systematic, as well as their expertise use of instruments and techniques in collection of data and data analysis. The collected and used data in the research was regarded to be relevant and appropriate for this research, thereby ensuring that highly credible recommendations, as well as conclusions are provided.
Research design
This study makes use of descriptive research design because it strives to gather data which will be helpful in the evaluation of the importance of brand image and prominence in entering a foreign company. This kind of research design ensures that researcher’s biasness is eliminated since it denies the researcher any chance of manipulating the variables or the findings, thus the data collected is more reliable and relevant in making credible conclusions.

Research method
This aimed at collecting information and data that will help the researcher to make credible conclusion in relation to prevailing business environment within Melbourne, the risks linked to the development of housing in Melbourne as well as in the identification of the strategies that can be employed by firms getting into the housing development industry. The study employs both secondary and primary data. Primary data was obtained through the use of questionnaires. Questionnaires were distributed to the major stakeholders in the housing industry. Secondary data was obtained from reviewing the available literature like publications, books, internet sources, magazines, as well as journals.

Target population The research mainly targeted 100 respondents. The sample involved staff of foreign investment review board in order to establish the prevailing business environment within Melbourne.

Overview of the Melbourne Housing