Housing Segregation In Chicago In The 1950's

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During the 1950’s in the South Side of Chicago people faced many obstacles in which housing segregation was one of the many issues. The many people involved in this issue were most likely African Americans who were migrating to the United States of America. Chicago was greatly impacted as numerous African Americans began migrating throughout this great state. The economic challenges faced by African Americans impacted the ability to secure better quality housing since there was a lot of racial discrimination in the South Side of Chicago. Throughout the 1950’s in Chicago many economic challenges caused Africans Americans to be different from the rest of the population living in Chicago. Neighborhoods have been classified based on the ethnic groups living there. The population of the blacks living in Chicago started off as very small but as time passed the population became increasingly concentrated of them. (http://southside.uchicago.edu/ , para3). African Americans were entering the United States of America because after the Industrial Revolution workers were needed for the businesses. The white American societies didn’t face the economic challenges that the Africans faced since The U.S. Housing Authority established a program for the low income Americans to improve their housing conditions. However, African Americans and their neighborhoods were …show more content…
I would completely disagree that people should be unequal due to their identity or race due to the fact that many don’t receive the same and equal rights. The one lesson everyone we should take away from this topic is to keep everyone equal because a person should not be judged by their identity but by the cha4racter of their heart. As you can see, a person’s identity doesn’t need to exist in order to accomplish their goal but their internal character is what should matter the