How about the Prospect of Hydraulic Cone Crusher? Essay

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Hydraulic cone breaker has single cylinder and multi-cylinder two kinds, at present our country has already set for a single cylinder. Single cylinder hydraulic cone breaker, because of insurance device and row ore mouth adjustment device made a major change, therefore on the structure of the mechanical type and spring and multi-cylinder hydraulic quite different, but on the principle of spalling is exactly the same. However, do you know the prospect of hydraulic cone crusher?

Cylinder hydraulic cone breaker rack, due to changes in insurance device, frame up and down so don't need a spring connection, and use bolt to fix rack up and down, the rack fixed on the feed funnel. On the inside of the rack with lining board , so the frame is fixed on the cone, frame installed in concrete, on the basis of sleeve inside the center. Central sleeve is bolted to the floor of the next rack is a detachable components, rather than made a whole and the lower frame.The big bevel gear on the eccentric shaft sleeve, is fixed at the bottom of the eccentric shaft sleeve and on the chassis frame under, so put between the chassis and big bevel gear have thrust disc.

The prospect of hydraulic cone crusher is as follows: Made in our country at present several kinds of models of single cylinder hydraulic cone breaker series products, although still have some questions in practice, such as oil cylinder oil leakage caused by untight seal but with the continuous progress of mechanical manufacturing, these problems can be resolved. At the same time it compared with spring type, its quality and small volume, simple structure, row ore mouth, convenient…