How Alexander Hamilton Created Federal Government

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The United Stated federal government relies on systems and balances established in the wake of the Revolutionary War, during the birth of a nation. Benjamin Franklin was a founding father of the beautiful nation of the United States, emerging from the wake of a brutal rebellion to form and fabricate a democratic system of government. Meanwhile, Thomas Jefferson led and established the Democratic-Republican party, a major political party for the time, and was the head of a major government position, as the Secretary of State. In a similar fashion, Salmon Chase was the Secretary of the Treasury during Lincoln's time. However, one man fits into all three categories, and his name is Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton fought and won the Revolutionary War, became on of the deciding founding fathers in the creation of the United States government, and was the first Secretary of the Treasury. Hamilton significantly …show more content…
America wasn’t doing so well at the whole “fighting” thing, as it endured defeat over defeat, but Hamilton was noticed early in as a exquisite soldier. He was promoted to Captain Alexander Hamilton of the New York Provincial Company in 1776, and was later promoted by General George Washington to take command of a light infantry unit. He worked his way up to being one of General Washington’s closest advisor and assistant. During the duration of the Revolutionary War, Hamilton met and married Elizabeth “Eliza” Schuyler. Hamilton fought in numerous skirmishes and battles, most famously at Trenton and Yorktown. Trenton was a major victory for the Patriots, as they lost no soldiers to bloodshed and gained support from other countries with a dislike of Great Britain that had previously thought the American cause was hopeless. Yorktown was even more successful, as it marked the surrender of British General Cornwallis and the end of the American