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Page Breaks
• Automatic or Soft page breaks are automatically inserted by Word when text has filled one page.
• A Hard Page Break is one that is forced into document at specific location (Insert menu) or press CTRL+ENTER

“Widows and Orphans”
• A widow is created when last line of paragraph displays by itself at the top of new page.
• An orphan is when the first line of paragraph displays by itself at bottom of page.
(Word by default prevents widows and orphans in a document)

Creating a Hyperlink
• A hyperlink is a shortcut that creates a jump to other documents, objects or pages.
• The text appears initially as blue and underlined.
• When you click hyperlink text color changes to purple.
• A hyperlink is created by simply typing the address of file or Web page to jump to by using the AutoFormat As You Type feature.
• Jumping is the process of following hyperlink to its destination.

• To Sort means to arrange things in alphabetic, numeric, or date order, based on the first character (from the Home tab.)
• Ascending (the default) is from smallest to largest or A to Z and descending is from largest to smallest or Z to A.

Going to a Specific Location in a Document
• Double-click the page area of the status bar
• Press CTRL+G
• Click the Find arrow on the Home tab, then Go To
• Click Select Browse Object button on vertical scroll bar

Picture or Clip Art Insertion
• From the Insert tab choose Clip Art and search for what you want to insert.