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Sometimes events in life can surprise us In my life, a lot of things have inspired me and various events have astonished me a lot.
The dirt, the must, and the flies, so nasty!I came with my family and friends. In the bus, I glared around the sight, dogs, chickens, cats everywhere. I would never yearn for a bucolic life of a farmer.
“Mom, what are we doing here?”
“We are having our lunch!”
Two short wooden circular tables and few red plastic chairs were set. The dishes were ready and the repulsive of flies flying on it were burning my eyes. I couldn't stand how people would have survived for so long. The splotches on dishes, bowls and even spoons were not yet clean.
“You have to do what the host does!” my dad must have seen my expression. I was at the stream of consciousness. They served plenitude various kind of dishes.
The foods were not so bad, and my dad tried. “hmm,yum!” The smell was good. I slowly got up the chopsticks; I was ready to pick up the best looking from all the plates.
“Daddy, is actually good!”
“I told you, right!”
I nodded my head. Although the foods were good, but I still couldn't understand how people can faced these flies. Our foods were devastated by them. I vomited the shrimp that was in my mouth. I didn't enjoy this meal at all though I pretend I was in loved with it. Other people didn't have a single problem. The unction and the relish of this meal obstructed the flies’ invasion. Back to hotel,