Essay about How Buyer Behavior Affects Marketing Activities in Different Buying Situations

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2d. How buyer behavior affects marketing activities in different buying situations
Consumer buying behavior is ‘the mental and emotional processes and the observable behavior of consumers during searching purchasing and post consumption of a product and service’ (Batra & Kazmi, 2004). The exploration and capture information about customer buying behavior is extremely important to Sunshine. Consumer behavior involves study of how people buy, what they buy, when they buy and why they buy. It blends the elements from psychology, sociology, anthropology and economics. It also tries to assess the influence on the consumer from groups such as family, friends, reference groups and society in general. With that knowledge, Sunshine will know
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| The factors that influence | Cultural: culture of a market will affect the consumption of its products through the elements: beliefs, language, religion, values, attitudes, and so on. Sunshine participation in Vietnam market also needs to understand Vietnam’s culture to capture trends and their buying habits and customs of Vietnamese. Through it, avoid breaking the rules and behavior in public places. Mastering the rules, and understand language will help in marketing Sunshine efficient products.Social: There are four main groups make up a difference in the behavior of buyers are: primary membership, secondary membership, aspirational, and dissociative groups. The effect of these groups is to segment the market according to the needs of each group. Sunshine must satisfy the requirements of the members of that group. On the other hand, buying behavior is influenced by opinion leader and family status.Personal: The groups' differences in age, occupation, life cycle, lifestyle, and so on will buy the product in accordance with intended use for that period of human. Each stage of human is associated with aesthetic tastes and needs; products of Sunshine split the features depending on the specific period.Psychological: Motivation is an indispensable in the buying behavior of clients, without it, customers will loss the pedals to make definitive decisions for the transaction. | Environmental: Organizations affected by such