Essay about How Clint Eastwood's Skillful Camera Work Make His Movies a Visual Treat

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Kereti Malolo English 3.9 Respond critically to significant aspect of visual and/or oral text through close reading, supported by evidence.
Clint Eastwood use of simple camera work helps us to connect with the characters rather than getting caught up with the special effects. Gran Torino is a 2008 American drama film directed by, produced by, and starring Clint Eastwood. It also stars Bee Vang and Ahney Her. In Million Dollar Baby Clint Eastwood shows us that if we work hard to achieve you can become successful despite your upbringing. He does this by not using much light and sound, simple camera work and realistic characters.
Clint Eastwood uses lighting and sound differently from other typical Hollywood films. In his films there is hardly any music but when there’s music it’ll be only a piano or a drum roll playing in the background. Clint Eastwood hardly used any light for example he often films indoors where there’s no light at all because of how small the houses they live in. These both helps the audience focus on the characters rather than getting caught up with the special effects. In Gran Torino, music is only is used in the most emotional of scenes. For an example, when Walt past away the key instrument were the vocals. The male’s voice soars up and down which sounds taunting but it creates a very sombre scene. It lets us know how much pain Sue and Thao are going through witnessing their best friend and a father figure, on a stretcher dead. Because it’s the very first time we’ve heard music it makes us focus more on the scene which makes us more emotional. Likewise in “Million Dollar Baby” music is used only to allow us to feel the emotions. For an example, when Maggie was in the hospital dying it was only strings playing creating a taunting and a dull sound. The violin slowly soars up and down almost the same pace as the breathing apparatus. It also tells us how hard it was for him to make a decision to take the life of the one that he love or let her suffer in pain and live. He used music as a reflection of his character’s lives. Furthermore Clint Eastwood’s use of camera camerawork is beautifully simple and allows us to connect with the characters. For example, an important scene in “Gran Torino” when Walt and Sue come together. The camera cuts between Walt and Sue and the gang showing that he is different from them. Walt takes in charge and orders Sue to get in the truck. There both shot straight on in the truck showing that he’s no longer exerting his power over her. The camera starts moving around watching their conversation and it pauses on them before it moves again showing how relax they are. Also in this scene it shows that Sue is teaching him about her people and rather than interrupting her talking he amazingly sits and listens to her. And finally in mid shot it captures her making him smile for the first time ever in the movie. Eastwood used of simple shows the different in the characters throughout the movie. It shows how Walt’s character changed from being angry and unkind to being friendly and kind. Likewise in “Million Dollar Baby” the camera work was used beautifully when Maggie Fitzgerald and Frankie Dunn are in the truck going back home after visiting Maggie Fitzgerald’s ungrateful mother. The camera work was used similar to the scene above; the camera would pause on them for at least 3 seconds before it goes around again watching their conversation. This scene also shows how calm and relax they are. It also shows how comfortable they are with talking about each other’s life. Clint Eastwood’s simple camera work the difference in the character’s throughout the movie. It showed how Frankie Dunn changes from being an angry man at the start not wanting to train Maggie Fitzgerald as a boxer. He changed to actually training her and treating as his own child. The camera work also shows us how good their relationship went throughout the movie. The simple camera work helps us connect with the…