How Coffee Affects Biodiversity?

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A. STRUCTURE and ORGANIZATION: This section deals with the structure and organization of your blog. Fill in the following table:

Name of Journal Scientist at Work
Title of Blog How Coffee Affects Biodiversity

Author(s) S. Amanda Caudill
Dates Published November 18, 2011
Where is the author working? Costa Rica
What is the author[s] university affiliation? doctoral student at the University of Rhode Island
Who do you contact if you have questions? Her web page

B. CONTENT: The following questions deal with the content of your blog.

1. What is the HYPOTHESIS being tested in your blog?
The purpose of the this research was to evaluate the mammal biodiversity in coffee landscapes to find out which habitat are better and more important to mammals. And also to find suggestions that are best to provide whats good to enhance mammal's habitat. 2. What is the CONTROL in the experiment being conducted for your blog?
The control in the experiment conducted in this blog was to evaluate mammal biodiversity by using a combination of direct and indirect sampling techniques. They used traps for their research. They tried to bait the traps by using a mixture of a mixture of peanut butter, vanilla, bananas, oats and seeds. Also for the indirect sampling , they used track plates and camera traps. Open boxes of the track plates contained bait at the end of it, contact paper in the middle, and copy toner was in the front.

3. In a sentence or two, explain how they tested their hypothesis?
They placed 242 small mammal traps (for mouse-size animals) in the 500-by-500-meter site. Also they placed medium-size mammal traps (for animals like possums, raccoons and coatis) in the sites as well. Track plates were used to identify the species, so as they steps on the track plate to retrieve bait, it left paws prints or tracks. The cameras were set to take three pictures consecutively of mammals if any movement is detected within the line of sight.