How Culture Espcially in America Has Altered the Minds of the Next Generation for the Worst Essay

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Sept. 19, 2012 Title: How Culture espcially in America has altered the minds of the next generation for the worst All Cultures are susceptible to change and, at the same time, to resist change. There are extreme conditions for example “nine eleven” that encourage the acceptance of new ideas, while there are others that encourage stagnant stability. Older people, for instance, are often resistant to replace their comfortable, long familiar cultural patterns. Natural behavior provides emotional security in a world of change. Religion also often provides strong moral condition and support for maintaining traditional ways. In the early 21st century this specifically is true of nations mostly guided by Islamic Law, such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Earlier this year the President reported that “That the once, only verbal, Islamic nation is now tyrannical because of a recent video put on youtube”(Web).
The term “culture” and culture itself have been studied for
Zoz 2 a considerable time. Much of what we understand of the term comes from the history books about the Pilgrims and Native Americans all the way to the Wild West. As a result, we have come to understand culture to be very stable patterns of faith, ideas, traditions, morals, and the things that are handed down from one generation to the next to ensure the lastingness of these systems.
Colonial empires relied on qualities about the Native Americans and vice verso to justify the processes of everyday life and there involvement, in order to maintain political and social power. Such reasoning does not get at what actually happens in particular cultures. Often when we are invited to talk about who we are and what cultures we represent, the same statement can be found behind the ways in which we understand who we are. We fail to look at the fact that cultures are not just stable structures that are handed down from one generation to the other.
When you look at and study different groups of people, what you see are ways in which these traditions actually transform, and are replaced by changing racial viewpoints. Understanding culture requires looking at how all these things come together and connect, not just for individuals but also for groups of people.
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There are times when I share my German characteristics or Native American characteristics; however, I also share characteristics with other people either because of my class, or because of my religion, or through other ways.
We must understand that these are not very stable things, but rather they constantly shift and change, and our experiences also shift and change. Culture is broadened with all of these things. One extreme way that I feel, and have seen personally the American culture change is through the television.
The propaganda that the TV puts out there through hidden innuendos in the shows we watch, to the blatantsy of commercials has an a major affect on how we as Americans live our lives. Television has been in homes since the 1950's. For most people it has and is the primary source of entertainment. TV has helped to create our culture by making an impact on book's, newspaper's, magazine's design and content. Movies, sports from around the world, news, and live war coverage have all made an impact on our culture. People gather together to watch the Super Bowl in bars and at parties. On Tuesday night's families gather around to watch live TV, as American Idol introduces young talent to the screen.
Whoever has the biggest TV gets to have movie night at their house. The list is endless for the amount of information
Zoz 4 transported into our homes every day, changing the way people live and react to life situations. Politicians use TV for campaigning, the President uses TV to broadcast current events from the White House. Due to the introduction of cable and satellite, people shop on TV, keep up-to-date with the stock…