How Did 9/11 Changed My Life

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It was September 11th, 2001 when our country changed forever. September 11th, 2001 was the day that an evil man named Osama Bin Laden organized an attack on The Twin Towers. The attack affected us greatly. It made us not trust other countries, believe bad things happen worldwide, and it made us stronger as a country. Even though, I was barely born September 11th changed the way my life is lived. For example, schools practice many drills. They practice these drills just in case we are attacked again. In prior years, they would not even worry about school attacks. Another example of how my life is different than other generations is airport security. Airport security is very strict, they use to just have you go through metal detectors to find someone carrying a gun. Now, we have to take off our shoes, remove our devices, have ID, and have our luggage screened. 9/11 made my life a lot more cautious and more aware. …show more content…
Nick was 28 when the attack happened and he said “On that day, the scene in new York looked like Independence Day”. Close to every citizen was supporting each other trying to stay strong and mourning over the loss. On citizen's cars in new York they were supporting the U.S. flag supporting the state after the deaths. “It was the first time we started to see the world was a dark place”. Nick is referring to how we as a country tried to isolate ourselves from bad things happening around the world. We always thought well bad things do not happen here it's The United States. This was the first time we have ever experienced a terrorist attack and it greatly affected life today. 9/11 was and still is a very upsetting day for our country, whether you were barely born, a teenager, or an adult, it still affects everyone differently. Our country changed greatly making us stronger and have more awareness. To conclude, September 11th, 2001 was the most eye opening day for The United