How Did Adam Smith And Witte Influence The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution started in the late 18th to 19th century from Western countries, was one of the most transformative movement in history. Influenced by the Enlightenment ideas, the Industrialization transformed many countries from purely based agrarian culture to revolutionized machinery-related work industry, emergence of factories, forming of new businesses, the being the cause of massive migration to countryside to cities and towns, and creating a consumer-oriented society. This movement greatly impacted the European countries. Because of this revolution, power has altered and put European countries in advantage positions to take even more resources and assert dominance in foreign lands. While many Western countries are rising …show more content…
Major changes took changes and in a short amount of time, Russia caught up and became the most rapidly growing industrialization country. The late 18th to 19th century is definitely one of the most intriguing periods in history with the most transformed changes and a great growth in the human progress. Behind these progress movements are countless figures that had major influences on these movements like Adam Smith and Sergei Witte. During the rise of capitalism during Europe and Russia, Smith and Witte were both influential figures that help observed and examined the economic, social, and political change. Yet, when it comes to their takes on government’s role in economy, their views differ hugely. With both of them living in different era and facing different economic problems, Adam Smith lived in Europe’s during late 18th century of growing dominance with stabilized modern economical and political advancement while Sergei Witte lived in late 19th century who’s fighting to make major changes to Russia’s economy, it is no surprised that their take on government’s role in the economy differs because their views depended on what’s the economic situation they’re