How Did Americans Use Victory Gardens During World War II

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Did you know that people during World War II did not have much food to go around? The people during this period of time did not have much food. The food they had planted came from the Victory Gardens and The ration coupons that came in the mail. But, Victory gardens were a good way to supply food for the people during difficult times.

Did you know that during world war II people had to provide mostly for themselves? They had to build and garden when world war II hit. Families during world war II planted victory gardens. The garden provided food for their families for the long winter when the food supply was down. Almost 20 million Americans planted victory gardens in helping world war II effort. They also used victory gardens for school lunches. When world war II ended so did victory gardens. There was no more victory gardens because the regular commercial farmers did not have to supply for the war. In the spring of 1946, people did not plant victory gardens anymore. The food supply was starting to back up (Reinhardt).This shows that families tried to be patriotic during World War II. They thought they were
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Like the victory gardens.The government named school children “soldiers of the soil”. The children would plant fruits and vegetables to provide for their school lunches and they would also send some food home for them to eat at their house, if they grew extra. The government used propaganda posters like, “Sow the seeds of victory (Schumm),”This is a great way to help the schools provide lunches for the school children. It was also a good way to save food in the grocery stores so the soldiers over seas could get food for them to survive behind enemy lines. A great teacher of mine once said food is a weapon. If people have food than they could potentially survive longer in battle than the starving soldiers on the opposing