How Did Bob Dylan Influence Society

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Riots, rebellion, and radical youth made up the Beat Generation of the 1950s and 60s. The musical leader of this movement against the norm was none other than the renowned Bob Dylan. His words poured truth into the corrupt ways of American mainstream lifestyle and left an impression that has ceased to fade, making him an important figure in music history. His influence greatly impacted the music industry during this period, and continues to inspire many folk artists even to this day. When discussing Bob Dylan, it is important to identify that he was amongst the first artists to produce lyrics that stung and evoked society with harsh truths. Music had never seen an artist so bold in the craft as to call out racial justice, government corruption, and challenging the mainstream lifestyle until Dylan. Songs such as “Blowin’ in the Wind” quickly gained popularity amongst rebellious youth that protested war and activists of civil rights. His …show more content…
With songs like “Just Like a Woman,” Dylan made his music sound more relaxed and not so aggressive as his earlier music. In fact, Dylan reduced writing radical, harsh music after 1965, respectively. Bob Dylan also worked with The Band during this period, recording much of his folk rock experiments in a basement studio (“Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum”). This period was relatively short, but nonetheless made an impact on the music influence of the time. Bob Dylan eventually dabbled in the country aspects of music in the late 60s and into the early 70s (“Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum”). This broad talent of Bob Dylan has influenced many artists to expand their talents into other genres. Dylan proved that music was not a flat surface, but had character and dimension. By switching the tide many times, Dylan made a statement that an artist is not bound to one medium or genre, but is free to roam. This theme was prevalent in all his