How Did Democritus Contribute To The Development Of The Atomic Theory

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Democritus was a philosopher of the atomic theory. He was born in Abdera, Greece where he had lived his whole life and passed away he lived to be 90 years old, from 470-380 B.C. Democritus was not the first man that had come up with the atomic theory. Leucippus was the original man that had discovered the atomic theory, and later on Democritus adopted it. Democritus discovered atoms as “The Principle’s”.
As in Democritus saying atoms are composed by everything which meaning that they are physical but the are invisible. He has also described atoms as “basic building of block”.He was the type that always thought about different things not things that others would think about, he would think of world things as in what if you cut this into this
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Atoms just have so much empty space and its very hard to even see them on a microscope you have to have a very powerful one to see them very clearly. Atoms can be changed to also other form or things that require a lot of energy sources. Democritus thought that atoms just bump into each other all the time when really they are just growing as they get closer to one another and that makes them very visible and able to see. Another modern kinetic theory of matter is similar to Democritus’ ideas about the motion of atoms. According to this theory, atoms of matter are in random motion.
This motion has a greater gas than in liquids, and it is greater in liquids than in solids. However, even in solids, atoms are constantly vibrating in place.
Democritus felt that atoms are very different because of the shape and size of each of them but as in science with the atomic matter, there are different sizes in protons and neutrons so that is how they kind of relate to the real world and to the chemistry world. Democritus believed in everything that he did he did not want anyone to tell him