How Did Douglass Spend His Holidays

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The slaves get a holiday during Christmas. The masters encourage their slaves to spend their Christmas vacation drinking and partying. The idea is that the slaves will drink so much that they will be glad to see the holiday end. Douglass finishes his year at Covey’s farm and is hired by a new master, Mr. Freeland. Mr. Freeland is a better master and Douglass likes him because he doesn't pretend to be religious. Since Freeland lets the slaves do whatever they want in their free time, Douglass sets up a little school and starts teaching other slaves to read. They mostly have to hide this from their masters, who would prefer that they spend their Sundays drinking or getting into trouble, since learning to read is strictly against the rules. According the Douglass, Freeland was the best master he ever had until he became …show more content…
He resolves to try to escape to freedom and gets together with a bunch of other slaves to figure out a way to do it. The problem is that they don't know much about the north, and everywhere they look, they see Southerners on the lookout for escaped slaves. Their biggest problem is getting up the courage to take a risk without even knowing what they're up against. After a lot of planning, they decide to steal a canoe and row north as far as the river goes, pretending to

fishermen. Since Douglass knows how to write, he writes a pass for each slave and signs it

in the name of that slave's master. A pass is a note giving a slave permission to travel.

Being the leader of the group, but he's worried the other slaves will lose their nerve, and he spends a lot of time trying to keep everyone's spirits up. When the day finally comes to leave something is wrong happens. Each of the slaves involved in the escape is captured