How Did Elie Wiesel Survive The Holocaust

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Millions of families who had no hope to survive...mothers and fathers who went through cruelty and pain every single day...children who cried nonstop and missed the warmth of their parents’ embrace. The Holocaust was an event millions of people would like to forget, or wish to had never lived through. Just the thought of the large number of unfortunate Jews who died, reminds us how lucky every survivor is. Elie Wiesel, a survivalist of the Holocaust, learned to accept death as did every other child in the concentration camps. According to Dr. Linda Bayer, “Wiesel spent his adult life bearing witness to the nightmare he experienced and the atrocities inflicted upon his people” (5). Wiesel was one of the few children to survive the death camps and to fulfill his life in America as …show more content…
Even after the Holocaust, Elie Wiesel still had the ambition to keep succeeding and moving on to better, new things. He experienced everything that happened at Auschwitz, the largest death camp at the time. According to William Lasser, “Neither his mother nor his father survived the Holocaust. His younger sister was also killed. Somehow Wiesel survived (as did his two older sisters).” Even after all that has happened, he still has the heart and courage to dedicate his life to making sure that the world does not forget about the Holocaust.
Wiesel’s childhood was a memory he would never forget. Stated by Lorie Jenkins McElroy, "According to Hitler, the resurrection of the German nation could only be achieved by understanding—and solving—'the Jewish problem'" (2). The Nazi concentration camps were created to solve this problem, and they were sadly "home" to over six million Jews. At these camps, the Jews were imprisoned, tortured, and killed. Auschwitz was one of the biggest death camps according to the article from Funk & Wagnalls New World