How Did Esperanza's Father Change Her Childhood

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How did the death of Esperanza's father change her childhood? How did it effect her outlook on life?

Esperanza grew up having a privileged childhood, a childhood that not many children in Mexico were fortunate enough to have. She did not have very many worries in life while her father was alive, life was good to her and her family. She did not know what it meant to have responsibilities until her father's death. Her father's death took a very big toll on her, her emotional state, and her childhood. After her father died, Esperanza now had to focus on more than the close to perfect childhood she grew up having. After her and her mother fled to the United States for a second chance at life, she had to, in a sense, give up her childhood and grow up. She had to adjust to her new life, being poor and living
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She no longer was wealthy and privileged. She now was poor and adjusting to a new lifestyle. When first leaving her life in Mexico, it was very difficult for Esperanza to adjust to the living standards of being poor, but once she started adjusting to it, her outlook on life changed. She was no longer worried about her clothes, or about her dolls, she was focused on building a new life and making her mother happy. She realized that she was lucky to have been able to have entered the United States when so many people were being sent back to Mexico. She no longer saw herself as being better than anyone else, she actually wanted to be more like the people at the camp. She envied how Isabel had so little, yet was so happy with what she did have; Esperanza so desperately wanted to have that happiness. She saw everything she had now and the chance to be able to work at the shed's, even being so young as something to be grateful for. She came to accept and be proud of the new life she had and realized that as long as she had her mother and her friends, life was