How Did Frederick Douglass Overcome Learning To Read And Write

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Frederick Douglass was born a slave, later on he escaped from his owners in Maryland and was a freed man he became the leader of the abolitionist movement. While he was slave his mistress started to teach him to read, she later became influenced by slavery and stopped teaching him. Frederick Douglass was determined to read and write to be free of slavery. There were several barriers Douglass had to overcome to learn to read and write. One being that it was forbidden by law for slaves to read and write. Another barrier was his mistress who forbade him to read and kept on constant watch. Douglass is an important person because he overcame those barriers that prevented him from moving forward and in doing so was able to free his people. Frederick Douglass was determined to overcome the barriers that would prevent him from learning to read and write, so he came with a few strategies to help him learn. To read, he became friends with the little white boys he met on the street, so every time he went on an errand he would take his book with him and asked the boys for help. He would take from bread with him and would offer to the poor white kids and in exchange he would knowledge. Once he learned to read he was determined to learn to write. So to learn to write he would go to Durgin and Baily’s ship-yard, he saw the carpenters write on timber where each piece was designated to go. He soon learned where …show more content…
The amount of determination he had in learning to read and write along with the strategies he came up with allowed him to overcome those barriers put in front of him. Each plan of action helped him succeed little by little, after years of practice he was able to read and write. He was able to escape from his owners and became a freed man, later to become an abolitionist and am important man in history. He was intelligent and with the amount of ambition he possessed he gained