How Did George Washington Carver Help Shape American Society

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George Washington Carver was an African-American teacher and agricultural researcher who really helped shape American society to this day. He and his brother were raised by a couple who had previously been his mother’s slave owners and because he was weak and sickly, he helped the woman around the house and when he had free time he would study the plants in the garden. He would help neighbors and friends nurture their plants and became known as the “Plant Doctor.” This is just the start of much generosity and aid that he happily and freely gave to America. In 1890, Carver enrolled at Simpson College to study art and music and became an accomplished artist and pianist. Artwork of his was displayed at the World’s Fair in 1893. Carver soon changed …show more content…
He gave America an early example on recycling techniques and conservation of natural resources. He then created many important discoveries and inventions consisting with peanuts, sweet potatoes, and cow peas. During the great depression his work helped boost the depressed southern economy by helping poor southern farmers change their everyday practices. Carver was offered many other jobs including one with Thomas Edison but he declined them all because he liked teaching and money was never a necessity for him. There were many groups who adopted him as a symbol of their causes like religious groups, segregations, and new south boosters. Carver was also a promoter of racial equality and he was seen as a father figure and mentor to black students and had close personal relationships with many young whites. Carver passed away on the fifth of January in 1943 and The George Washington Carver National Monument was created. It was the first national memorial to an African American and stands on the farm where he was born. Carver changed the lives of so many and he is of great importance to American