How Did George Washington Influence America

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Believe it or not, George Washington did much more for America than provide pictures that make for hilarious memes (see bottom). If it weren't for Washington, our country could very well still be without a constitution in order. That would mean that at anytime any president can make himself a dictator, and based on the economic stability of North Korea right now, I'd rather not want to have the USA under dictatorship. Anyway, Washington had a very privileged childhood, leading to his significance to our country. George Washington's presidency, as well as his time spent in the armed forces, has had a drastic affect on America.

Needless to say, Washington was indeed lucky to have the childhood experience he did. He was born to a wealthy family
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George served two terms from April 30th, 1789 to March 4, 1797. When the Presidential election was held on January 7th, 1789, Washington nearly unanimously won. This meant that the man running against him, John Adams, would become Vice President. The members of congress that voted for George believe he was the most qualified man for the Presidency, based on what he had accomplished for America previously. During his presidency, he worked hard to set examples for future presidents. For example, he only had 2 bills vetoed during his presidency, as he wanted future presidents to do. He added several amendments to the constitution, making the USA an all around better and safer place. Near the end of his second term, he wrote a Farewell Address, warning future presidents of things they should and shouldn't do, like to not have close foreign relations, as this may drag us into wars, etcetera. We did not follow that warning too well, unfortunately. After his final term was over, Washington retired in 1797 to Mount Vernon, he died two years later at age 67 (George).

George Washington, to me, was probably the most influential president America has had so far. My guess is that Donald Trump won't quite outdo him. I believe that presidents should look up to Washington for all he did for our country. The United States would not be the same if it weren't for Washington's time as President and in the