How Did Hitler Use Propaganda During Ww2

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During World War II, German military forces progressed across Europe at an alarming rate. They were determined to gain complete global control and to extend their racist, and supremacist ideals to the entire world which they believed was theirs’ for the taking. They were cruel in their methods of accomplishing that goal. Though they did not succeed their goal, their tyranny left a mark on the world. They used strategies such as propaganda, weapons, and war tactics to accomplish their desire to take over European countries, to enable more control.
“Propaganda tries to force a doctrine
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All of these were used by the Nazi leaders to brainwash and manipulate the German soldiers.Propaganda was also used by the Nazis to gain political power, and the support of Germany. In March 13, of 1933 Hitler established the Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda.Headed by Joseph Goebbels, this ministry was built to ensure that the Nazis message was successfully communicated through art, music, theater, books, radio, and press.Films in particular played an important role in disseminating racial antisemitism, the superiority of German military power, and the intrinsic evil of the enemies as defined by Nazi ideology.The Nazis controlled film in Germany and put a lot of their propaganda in them. The Nazis put out many films concerning the Jews and why they needed …show more content…
These countries were all taken over between the year of 1938 and 1941, or during the third Reich. The third Reich was the time period, from 1933 to 1945, in which Adolf Hitler was in power. Germany was brutal in their campaign for German dominance in Europe. Though many of these various European countries fought to stay free of Germany’s grip, few, unfortunately,