How Did Immigration Impact The California Gold Rush

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California Gold Rush impacted people's lives with either getting wealthy, working hard, or being hopeless. Economy grew like crazy while the leading and during the Civil War had impacts on some problems on gold rush too.
The biggest immigration of all time happened in the 1850’s where gold was found by James Marshall in great California; also known as the Western Movement. People immigrated from all over, especially throughout other states. From outside the U.S a massive global migration boomed from Italy, Russia, China, France and Mexico, and even as far as Australia. The diversity of gender was 9 out of 10 were men. Mining was hard work, and women in that time were still housemoms.
While the population grew around California and new people
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The men liked it, as it was like a man cave with no rules. In all public houses a big amount of gambling and drinking took place. Whenever they lost a lot of money, they went out and dug more the next day. “There is a good deal of sin and wickedness going on here, stealing, lying, swearing, drinking, gambling & murdering” (Ibis Communications, Inc)
Personal stories have been written down and not everybody succeeded in the gold rush. Poems have been written about being hopeless like “The Loosy Miner.” He was one of the immigrants overseas who left everything for the shining gold and anyway stayed poor and lost everything back home. A gold miner wrote in a letter "Many, very many, that come here meet with bad success & thousands will leave their bones here.” (Ibis Communications, Inc)
Unfortunately, people found out that they could earn extra money with cheating with property and gold. Digging founding gold on greenland and thereafter selling it to people happened once or twice. The buyers eventually found out later there was no gold while the sellers already were gone with the big amount of money. Two men sold more than 1000 acres and earned money. They later on disappeared with the money and let the people try and find the non existing