How Did Imperialism Affect Zimbabwe

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Imagine having all of your rights, land, and everything you have grown to know and love taken away from you. This happened when imperialism occurred in Africa in the 1800s and 1900s. Zimbabwe was a location that was greatly impacted by the process of imperialism. Overall, imperialism brought many positive and negative effects to Zimbabwe as well as other places around the world. The impact of imperialism in Zimbabwe had a negative effect overall because the continent was divided without regard to the groups the Africans had formed, the government was taken over by the British, and the Africans were treated as though they were inferior to the Europeans. The continent of Africa was divided without regard to groups and organizations formed by the Africans. Rival chiefdoms were sometimes united, and some kinship groups were split between colonies. These “artificial boundaries” led to the unnatural combination or separation of groups, creating problems for the …show more content…
Imperialism had many effects on the Africans in Zimbabwe and throughout the rest of Africa, and although some of the effects were positive, there were many more negatives that made imperialism a negative experience for the Africans. The Africans were forced to live in places with their enemies and split from their tribes, causing conflict. Their rights were taken away and they were treated as inferior. The government was taken over, causing many changes in the lives of the people of Zimbabwe. If we were forced to endure what the Africans were forced to endure today, people would be devastated and not be able to handle the situation. Imperialism was life changing for all of the Africans, and sadly, this was a mostly negative