How Did Islam Influence The Military Conquest Of Syria

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Islam is known as one of the fastest growing religions in history. The religion of Islam diffused from it’s origin of Mecca and expanded by military force to other regions including the modern day country of Syria. Syria lies at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea and is bordered by Lebanon and Israel on the west, Turkey on the north, Iraq on the east, and Jordan on the south. Islam spread through the Middle East through military conquest, and the resulting development of the Muslim state provided the base in which the new faith could flourish. The Islamization of Syria occurred as a result of the Muslim conquest of Syria in 637 CE. This military conquest was somewhat motivated by religion but was more so influenced by greed and politics, The early advancement of Islam went worked together with military expansion. The transformation …show more content…
Islamic diffusion into Syria was by both hierarchical and contagious diffusion, these are the two different types of expansion diffusion. Diffusion of Islam into Syria was considered hierarchical because once the muslim armies conquered syria, they were under islamic rule.This meant the laws and codes were based on the teachings of the Quran. This centralization of authority with Islamic rule helped with the conversion of the people in the conquered lands to the