How Did Jk Rowling Impact Society

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J.K. Rowling said during her speech at Harvard University, “We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already.” The world is a difficult place to live in, and especially a difficult place to succeed. But with the power of potential and determination, anyone can succeed, no matter how low that person is in their life. Joanne Rowling is one of the most influential and inspirational people because of her determination to rise up from “rock bottom,” her impact on society with her books, the global impact she made, and Lumos, the charity she founded. Before all the magical books of Harry Potter were released, Rowling went through an extremely rough period. She was clinically depressed, jobless, …show more content…
Rowling is in a league of her own” (Weller). As one of the largest book sellers in the world, Rowling has definitely made an unfathomable impact on society. With the Bible being the most popular book, the Harry Potter series stands in second place with more than 450 million copies sold. According to Weller, young readers everywhere are being trained in important skills, such as social and emotional skills, and this does not include the movies or any other sources. He also states in this article that “… Rowling isn’t just the most influential because she moves a lot of paper … It’s how her books affect kids, both in the moment and for life” (Weller). Numerous studies have shown how much reading affects problem-solving skills, social skills, and basic thought processes, and these books accomplish all of it without a problem. Children, more so than adult readers, learn to stick up for themselves and to pursue further education because of reading these books when they are still impressionable. Because of Rowling’s incredible imagination, people who read her books learn to be more empathetic and imaginative themselves. Not every author can say their books have truly made a difference to so many people. Furthermore, societal biases that are implanted into children at a young age are likely to be reduced with their ability to put themselves into the perspective of a character and improve attitudes toward all different kinds of people