How Did Julius Caesar Change Politically

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Julius Caesar was a great leader but wanted too much power, therefore he was assassinated. Caesar was ordered to divorce his wife, but he refused and found an escape through the military. Caesar left Rome to join the army. He didn’t enter the forces as a common soldier. He was a military assistant to a provincial governor. He didn't need to return to Rome so he was posted to Cilicia. He proved himself a capable and courageous leader by saving a comrade.
Caesar could return home because the regime has changed. Caesar successfully campaigned for a post in the Roman administration because of his previous military achievements. Caesar returned home, determined to achieve political standing. His first wife had died, so he remarried into a politically useful marriage, but they divorced soon after because he thought she was cheating on him.
He formed a valuable pact with
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Caesar had not returned home in time to stop Pompey's son from creating new armies. In October of that year Caesar was back in Rome. It showed that Caesar was not merely a conqueror and destroyer. Caesar was a builder, perhaps even a visionary statesman, like the one the world rarely gets to see. He established order, he reduced congestion in Rome, he drained large tracts of marshy lands, he gave full voting rights to the inhabitants of his form, he revised the tax laws of Asia and Silly, he resettled many Romans in new homes in the Roman provinces, and he reformed the calendar. But despite the forgiveness he granted to his old senatorial enemies, when they had seized power, Caesar failed to win his enemies over. Many Romans feared that Caesar was going to make himself king. And Rome still hated its ancient kings. Many saw their fears confirmed as Cleopatra returned to Rome with her son, Caesarion. Rome didn't like foreigners, so Cleopatra left. Somehow Caesar manages to get a senate to declare him dictator for life. Julius Caesar was king of Rome in all except