How Did Julius Caesar Impact On Society

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Rome was a strong and highly influential society. Growing rapidly, it became the foundation for multiple languages and laws that are in use throughout the world. It was also a crucial city towards the development of science and mathematics. But a major turning point for this empire was the death of Julius Caesar. Consequently, marking the beginning of a new era but also the loss of one of the greatest leaders in history.
The assassination of the beloved Julius Caesar shocked the Roman people. As a beloved figure, Caesar helped to bring about change to Rome. Similarly, Caesar helped expand its territory and advance its culture. Nevertheless, the foundation for Rome had already been in place for many centuries through different situations. Thus, in order to understand Caesar’s impact on Rome, the beginning of Rome must be discussed.
The origin of Rome comes from the legend of Romulus and
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During the time of the first triumvirate, Caesar led a powerful conquest on Gaul where he became the governor while he set off to capture the rest of the land for Rome. In 49 B.C., Caesar crossed the Rubicon River which caused a civil war to erupt with Spain. The outcome of this war ended with Julius Caesar becoming dictator of Rome.
The assassination of Julius Caesar shook Rome and its people. Caesar was incredibly popular amongst the Roman people. He was an incredible military general and an impressive leader. Rome thrived under Caesar’s rule, expanding into Spain, France, Switzerland, and Germany.
It was Caesar’s increase in power and wealth that began to anger a group of apportioned political. A jealous senator, by the name of Gaius Cassius Longinus, was the leading figure in the plot to kill Julius Caesar. Spreading lies and rumors, Cassius successfully convinced other members of the Senate that Caesar was going to destroy Rome if left alone for much longer. He then recruited his brother-in-law Marcus Brutus to assist