How Did King Louis XIV Influence The Political Structure Of France

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the medieval world always believed as though God had chosen them to lead their country

and do whatever they felt was needed to be done. Leaders of the medieval world used the

church to shape the world around them through wars, culture and exploration .

“The Great Northern War”, is an example of a Swedish

king who believed God had chosen him to lead his country and conquer Europe. King

Charles XII, who was the leader of Sweden from 1697 till 1718, led the Carolean army

into Russia, Poland, Denmark and Prussia. Since the Carolean army was normally

outnumbered two to one, Charles used strict religion to keep his soldiers fighting .This

was a useful strategy because , at the time Sweden was a branch of
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Who took land, colonies and a

large amount of money from the defeated Sweden. This ended Sweden’s “Time of Great


“The Sun King”, or Louis XIV, is a king that used his “God Brooks 2

chosen” position to influence the culture and political structure of France. After

remodeling his father’s old hunting lodge into a lavish palace, he invited all the nobility

in France to come live there. This allowed him to have control over all the nobles in

France. Total power over nobility in France allowed King Louis XIV to change the

political structure of France into an absolute monarchy, centralize the government under

one ruler and rally all the nobles armies under one banner. Soon after uniting the nobles

land and armies under one ruler, King Louis started to lower the social status of all the

nobles that lived in his palace. Though the lowering the social status of nobles the

common man had less people forcing him to work , fight and die for them , thus giving

the common man gained more control over their own