How Did King Louis Xvi Affect Society

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King Louis XVI was born on August 23, 1754 as Louis Auguste de France. He was the third son of Louis, Dauphin of France and grandson of Louis XV of France. His mother was Marie-Josephe of Saxony, her father was King of Poland, Fredrick Augustus of Saxony. Louis Auguste grew up studying religion and morality and did well in Latin, history, geography, and astronomy. Louis was not heir to the throne, his brother Louis duc de Bourgogne was. Therefore Louis XVI was not paid very much attention until his brother died. His brother died at the age of 9 in 1761 Then in 1765 his father died of tuberculosis. That made Louis Dauphin at age 11. His mother received tuberculosis also in 1767 because she never recovered from losing her husband and her son. …show more content…
He gave people the right to worship whoever they pleased, which supported the American's fight for their independence. But the Americans practices of not raising taxes and taking out loans lead France to bankruptcy in the 1780's. So Louis fled his problems and never solved the real problems in his country. When Louis's country was finally on the edge of collapse he called the Estates General meeting to discuss raising new taxes. The estates had not met since 1614 because the kings had been too powerful. Louis couldn't agree with the estates how to take the votes so the Third Estate declared that they were the National Assembly. They forced Louis and the other representatives to join them. Then Louis agreed thinking it would keep him in power. This lead to the French Revolution. Louis hid and tried to stay away from the trouble. Louis was eventually escorted out of the palace by a crowd of angry women. In November 1792 Louis was put on trial for treason by the French National Convention. In January he was convicted and sentenced to death. January 21 he went to the guillotine and was executed. In September Marie Antoinette was convicted for treason as well. On October 16 was went to the guillotine and was