How Did Langston Hughes Influence The Harlem Renaissance

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Although, The Harlem Renaissance, was a building spot for the African American community, they still had their fair share of problems. Many Artists, Musicians, and Writers were put through the straining task of life every day. With that said, life wasn’t a cakewalk, but they made it through by relying deeply on their god given talents. Langston Hughes, was one of the most admirable artists during the Harlem Renaissance. Given that, Hughes was looked up to often, everyone wanted to be like him. Not many people know, before inspiring people, Langston had to inspire his self. He had to have a push to keep going past all the hard, and lonely times, his goal was to overcome them. As well as, he wanted to show the people hard work will defeat tough …show more content…
With that said, Langston lived through constant lonely nights, but the lessons from his grandmother taught him, sometimes you have to go through hard times. Langston’s struggles shaped him into a man that expressed all his learnings through his writings, and gave others his sense of pride through his hard time. Louis Armstrong, who I mentioned earlier, was also one that had his fair share of tough times. In like ways with Langston, Louis lived with his grandmother, and she showed him how even in bad times you should still must do the things necessary. She may have not had a ton of money, but she did her best. “Josephine brought in some money doing laundry for white families, but struggled to keep food on the table. Young Louis Armstrong had no toys, very few clothes, and went barefoot most of the time. Despite their hardships, Josephine made sure that her grandson attended school and church.” (Daniels) Another thing to point out, Louis was forced to quit attending school to take care of his family, due to that he turned to his