How Did Lincoln's Election Cause The Civil War

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Impact on the 1860 election
“Lincoln was the cause of the Civil War”. Most people in the 1860s thought Lincoln was the whole cause of the Civil War. But as u know Lincoln was as president and was elected in 1860 but not many people didn't like him. He was making people in the north and the south very mad because of slavery and war and this just made the whole situation worse until it got to the point where the south states started to succeed. His election was one of the causes of the Civil War and that's why many people will hate him in his presidency.

Why did this election cause the Civil War.
The first reason why this election caused the Civil War is that Lincoln tried to advocate slavery from every state which many people didn't like. Mostly the south didn't like this because the where mainly the slave states during this time and that's how they made their money. The second thing is that
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In 1861 the civil started and the north and south went to war because of the attack on Fort Sumter because Lincoln wanted to restock it. On July 1,1863 he made a document called Emancipation proclamation which freed all slave but the slaves didn't really like this because they thought they were taken care of better as a slave than being free. Many of them that were free just stayed with their owner because they know who they are and the would get payed from them but they didn't make that much. Although they are making money which was not a lot they didn't get fed by them anymore or housed by them which made feel more poor than they were before. In July 13, 1863 riots started to break out and drafts started. Many people didn't like the draft system but they had deal with it because Lincoln was not going to change it. Then finally in 1864 we have the next election where Lincoln wins again for his second term as president. In 1865 when he was watching a play, he will be assassinated by John Wilkes