How Did Luther King Influence The Civil Rights Movement

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Dr. Luther King Jr. played a big role in the Civil Rights Movement. There were many violent and scary things during this time period. In my perspective, I think the most important person is Dr. Luther King Jr. He made the biggest influence in the Civil Rights Movement from speeches to encouragement. He had led the Civil Rights Movement.

During the years of segregation, African Americans were separated from white people. This was the law. This meant white people were not allowed to ride the bus in the same seat with African Americans. Nor African Americans sit with white people or in the front of the bus. Many African Americans thought this was unfair. People such as Jo Ann Robinson and Claudette Colvin tried to act against this law. They tried to change the law but failed.

Rosa Parks had just finished working at her job. She then waited at the bus stop to wait for a ride home. She got on the bus. After a bit of time, the bus was full. There were no more seats for another white passenger. The bus driver ordered her to move from her seat. Rosa Parks refused to get up. The bus driver threatened her that he will call the police. She allowed him to call the police and she went to jail. This act gave a chance to fight back. They had an idea in
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