How Did Malcom X Influence The Civil Rights Movement

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The 1950’s in the United States of America was full of widespread affluence and rigid segregation. Active Jim Crow laws that were in effect from the 1870’s until the middle of the 1960’s, kept black and whites separate in every aspect of life; from the water fountains and bathrooms to the neighborhoods and classrooms. Some exercised civil disobedience and peaceful protest, while others took a more vocal and violent route. Civil rights activist fought for the equality of all races with every means possible. Malcom X was an activist, public representative, and chief spokesperson of both the Nation of Islam and Black Nationalism. He encouraged his followers to stand up for what they believe in and defend their beliefs “by any means necessary.” Malcom X felt strongly that he and his followers could …show more content…
He was the fourth of eight siblings. Malcom’s father was a preacher and a participant in the Universal Negro Improvement Association and supporter of Marcus Garvey, a black nationalist. The Ku Klux Klan harassed Malcom’s family because of his father’s affiliations. It is even believed that they are responsible for the death of his father which was disguised and ruled as a suicide. After his father’s death Malcom dropped out of school and had a few small jobs, but eventually he fell into a life of crime and drugs. This newfound lifestyle led him to ten years in jail. While in Jail, Malcom converted to the Nation of Islam and changed his last name to X. X’s new commitment to his beliefs was a major driving force for the movement he helped lead. Martin Luther King Jr. was born in Atalnta, Georgia to a pastor. He was raised in a secure and loving environment. Like Malcom X’s father, Martin Luther King Sr. also fought against racial prejudice. MLK thrived in school and eventually went to seminary. His father and his religious knowledge encouraged him in his position as a major leader of the civil rights