How Did Photography Grow And Become So Popular Over The Years

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How did photography grow and become so popular over the years?
Pictures are everywhere and used for different things my passion photography has many uses such as the different lighting, the history in photography and the different types of photography.. They are used to show what is in such as style and also what is going on in difficult societies. There are many types of photography worldwide; it also goes way back over 200 years ago. It changed over the years from black and white photos to expensive equipment that can cost up to thousands maybe even millions of dollars. Photography is important because it captures all aspects of beauty in life. Pictures are a way that families and friends recollect their life past events big or small.
Many resources show how photography grow and become worldwide in society and many resources also show us the different types of photography and the history of photography. One article states “Photojournalism photography is more in the professional field and must be sure that their shots maintain the integrity of the original scene, documentary photography tells stories with pictures the difference between the two is that documentary photography is meant to serve as a historical document of a political or social era while photojournalism documents a particular scene or instance. , Action photography is a professional photographer who takes action shots may specialize in a variety of different subjects also sports photography is one of the fastest and most exciting types of photography and a good sports photographer must know the subject well enough to look forward to when to take pictures. And also goes for photographers taking action shots and animals of nature. …., marcophotography deals with pictures that are taken at close range its subjects involve insects, flowers, the texture of a woven sweater or any object where close-up photography reveals interesting details. , “microphotography is used for specialized cameras and microscopes to capture images of extremely small subjects”. It’s used to capture, disciplines as diverse as astronomy, biology and medicine, glamour photography is sometimes confused with pornography because its sexy and erotic but it is not pornographic , and aerial photography is more like photos in the air .These photos may be used for surveying or, construction, birds or weather on film or the military reasons, used planes, ultra lights, balloons parachutes, balloons and remote controlled aircraft to take pictures from the air.” this is telling us the different types of photography. It is important to know the different types of photography so everyone can see the different styles of photography. Also the history of photography is important to. The first-ever fixed picture taken by Joseph Niépce on a hot summer day in 1827 according to the text, Niépce was able to produce a fixed photograph. However, the real push to photography was to be given a few years later by Louis Daguerre. Louis was born near Paris in 1789. He was a professional scene painter for the Opera and was consumed with the thought of being able to capture the performances that he was frequently exposed to. It was in the 1820s when Louis started testing the effects of light on see-through paintings .While Joseph Niépce died in 1833 Louis Daguerre went on to reduce the exposure time to less than 30 minutes and to prevent the photo from disappearing. The Collotype was a photography type made by William Henry Fox Talbot. The earliest unhelpful known toward mankind also belonged to Talbot and goes back to 1835. Though the value of the unique 1835 negative was very poor, mainly when compared to the amazing images made by the Daguerreotype, by 1840 he had made major improvements to the image quality. He used this to publish a