How Did Pierre Trudeau Helped Canada

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Pierre Trudeau helped Canada through his liberal reforms, which made Canada a more multicultural, free country to live in. To begin, as minister of justice in 1967 , he already made great changes early in his career, making several law reforms which gave increased liberty to Canadians. Under the divorce act, Trudeau made it easier to become divorced. Previously, in order to file for divorce, there must be proof of adultery. With Trudeau’s changes, other reasons justifying divorce now included separation or mental/physical cruelty. This political change gave an increased freedom to people. Another amendment he made was legalizing abortions. At this time, hundreds of thousands illegal abortions were being performed. Unfortunately, due to the unstandardized methods, many women …show more content…
As well, this put the control of the law in Canadians’ hands, if there was something they wanted to change, they could now negotiate within Canada. Lastly, Pierre Trudeau increased our acceptance of multiculturalism, and created greater equality. By changing immigration policies, Trudeau encouraged increased immigration. Since he allowed families of immigrants to come, expanded refugee sponsorship and introduced the immigration point system, not only were there more immigrants, but they were more likely to succeed in Canada, and make a positive contribution. Another example of how he increased equality was when he passed the Official Languages Act in 1969 . This declared both English and French as the official languages in Canada, bring equality for once between the English and French speaking Canadians. As well, this appeased the French, contributing to the end of the quiet revolution . Furthermore, he developed the charter of rights and freedoms, which stated no matter what race a person possesses, they have rights which are backed up by the law, and cannot be taken away without good reason