How Did Plato Influence Ancient Greek Art

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This week we surrounded ourselves with the world of the ancient Greeks and focused on the philosophers that came about during this time period. Socrates and Plato had a profound effects in society, on their thoughts on philosophy, democracy, and happiness.We also take a look at Greek Heroic Ideals, what was seen as great during this time period. We take a look at art and compared ancient Greek art to Egyptian art as well and see the contrast of what these two societies want to express in their art.
The ancient Greeks douse themselves in individual achievement in the sense of fighting. They competed annually in these stadiums viewed by thousands of people to fight and compete. The skill of fighting would be essential as being “great” in this society, take a look at Alexander the Great. Fighting and battle was very important to Greek culture that it even was reflected in art and even created the olympics which
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Socrates is famously known as the founding father of Greek Philosophy. In class we watched a video on why Socrates despised democracy which was also created from ancient Greek era. Socrates and Adeimantus had a conversation about democracy’s faults, Socrates asked Adeimantus if there was a sailing ship who would he want to be the captain, one man voted up by popular opinion or a group of educated peoples to run the ship? Adeimantus replied with the group of educated peoples, in which Socrates compared that to leadership in government. Which I find myself agreeing with as well. Socrates commented on voting that it is a skill that needs to be perfected by the education system so we understand who we are placing in power not just because it’s our birthright to do so. Without the right knowledge and skill with voting democracy would fail and land into a place of